What Josh and Lucas have been able to accomplish is remarkable. They have been able to bring a public voice to the Seniors Housing and, in turn, have broadened the conversation to every participant in our industry. I am honored to have been a part of their mission.

Charles Turner, CEO, Invidia for Seniors

Bridge The Gap is using such an innovative platform to reach a broad audience in the Senior Living market. It’s been a pleasure to chat organically about our passion for the industry and our drive to create beautiful and functional spaces for seniors. Lucas and Josh’s desire to educate and present insightful information, on trending topics, is refreshing. We are honored to work with Bridge The Gap to become leaders changing the face of Senior Living.

Melissa Banko – Principal, Banko Design

The BTG Senior Living Podcast has quickly become one of the most informative, interactive resources for senior housing intellectual capital. The depth and breadth of the topics keeps it fresh. It was an honor to be part of the process. I’m constantly surprised by how many people tell me they heard it and appreciated the unique perspectives.

Tim Sanders – Senior Investment Officer, Ventas Inc.

I was trying to catch up on a couple podcast that I had missed and I listened to Jay Allen’s (episode) this morning. I had heard that song actually, but I had not listened to the message. As I drove and listened to your podcast more intently, my heart swelled and the tears flowed as I thought about my uncle.

Chris Hoard – Executive Vice President, Diaz Fritz Group General Contractors

On trips when I have multiple days of traveling, I like to binge (listen) episodes of Bridge the Gap. It's like my secret weapon. I always feel like after listening, I know a little more; especially since I don't have a background in senior housing, it's all kind of new and I'm learning. If you don't listen to it, put it on your list! It's a great tool to learn more knowledge and better yourself.

James Ouellette, Director of Corporate Experiences, Priority Life Care

Every evening, I spend about an hour listening to books or podcasts. Half of the time is meant for entertainment and the other half hour I use for educating myself professionally or spiritually. Bridge The Gap has been such an incredible use of my time for education on everything going on in Senior Living. I learned more for the episode with Larry Cohen than any conference session I’ve attended. The BTG podcast perfectly blends talking about the needs of our seniors with forward-thinking ideas that motivates people, regardless of what industry they are working in.

Nathan Jones, Southeast – Regional Sales Manager, iN2L

Graduating in August with my Master’s in Speech Language Pathology, I am eager to leverage my skills to impact older adults and their families. Listening to this podcast, I am encouraged by the growing community of like-minded professionals who are investing their time and skills to change the landscape of care for the aging population.

Christy Armstrong

Kudos to the BTG Voice podcast for bringing life back into the conversation regarding senior living! It is super refreshing to see a GaryVee style vlog in an industry like senior living which needs a complete makeover! BTG is changing the perception of senior care and it is exciting!!

Kris Chana, CEO at Chelsea Place Senior Care

I am one of the Notre Dame students who talked with you about senior care and elderly care. I wanted to thank you again for talking with us and recommending the podcast. I am about 30 episodes in and wanted to say that it is extremely good. Every episode is entertaining and I have learned a lot that I plan to incorporate into our consulting project.

Ryan Bliss
MS 2020 in Engineering, Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship
ESTEEM Graduate Program

When I started at my current position, I knew very little about the Senior Living industry. I started listening to Bridge the Gap while I worked as a way to quickly pick up the basics. I’ve learned and continue to learn so much more than just the basics. The insight I’ve gained from the podcast has proven to be invaluable. Keep up the good work!

Katherine Pack
Product Sales at Glennis Solutions

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