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Episode 57: The Glama Project Special Edition

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Describe for someone who has no idea about The Glama Project: What is a spa day with The Glama Project?

Callie: Let’s see. A typical day- different events will vary. With our traditional Glama shoot, we show up about 10:00. I show up about a half an hour early and I’ll roll in with a full makeup kit. So, it’s got all the shades that you would need for any skin type- lipsticks, foundations, blushes, everything. Then, I’ll usually bring in a second makeup artist with me because we usually like to do tandem where we’re doing two ladies at once as far as makeup application.

Then, we bring in scarves, furs- fake furs-, accessories, all the glitz and the glam. And then after they get their makeup done, we go through and we pick accessories and scarves and doll them up. We have about a 15 to 20 minute photoshoot with our photographer. Then, we get to pick out and edit the top five or 10 photos and then we give those to the ladies as prints and then they have their whole online gallery afterwards where they can see all the photos that they took that day.

What is your favorite phase of spa day? What makes you smile the most?

Callie: The first time they look in the mirror and see, woah! I think the most common reaction is, that’s not me! Which I like hearing, it’s fun.

Sara: Adrienne, take us back to your spa day with The Glama Project. What was the experience like for you walking into the room, meeting the makeup artists and going throughout the day?

Adrienne: Well, I didn’t know what to expect and it was rather surprising to come in and see how they had it all laid out and setup. I’m looking at all this jewelry and all these scarves and things that they can put together, and I was like, ‘woah!’ I just thought I was going to get my makeup done.

What did you feel like when you turned around and saw your makeup and noticed all of these things?

Adrienne: The whole time she’s doing it, you don’t really know what you’re looking like and you’re just talking and letting her do it.

Callie: Probably feels like a lot too, because you just keep putting it on.

Adrienne: Yeah and then that first look in the mirror is like, ‘woah!’ I’m not used to putting that much makeup on myself. It did make me look a lot younger. It made me feel good. It made feel- suddenly, it did make me feel younger. It just was one of those things that transforms you and, you sort of say, look at me now!

What would you tell other ladies about The Glama Project?

Adrienne: I would explain what a wonderful thing that Callie is doing because it has an incredible psychological effect on you when you put yourself together and dress properly in makeup and everything. It’s just life changing for the time. It’s just amazing.

I would tell them it’s great. It makes you feel terrific and it’s a wonderful experience. Very unexpectedly wonderful.

What is your favorite piece of makeup?

Callie: I’m gonna need a little on that one. Do you know?

Adrienne: I have to say doing my eyes and making them pop was big because I don’t put that much eyeliner and that much makeup on. So, that made my eyes look bigger and I think it created an image that was really great. I liked it.

Callie: Favorite one product? There’s a Thrive cosmetic cc cream that I swear by. We just actually became partners with Thrive through their Beauty with a Purpose program. So, they just donated quite a bit of product that we can now gift other seniors. So, for every lady that goes through a Glama shoot this year, we get to give them all the basics- a foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow.

I had never used their cc cream before and now I don’t think I’ll use anything else. So, big fan.

Red or pink lipstick?

Adrienne: Probably not pink so I think I’d do better with darker tones, the reds.

When the ladies turn around, they see themselves fully made up, getting ready to go into a photoshoot, what do you say to them

Callie: What would I say? I always say, girl, you still got it. Because they do. Sometimes they just need a little reminder and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they go in and they come in, guns ablazing, and they say, this is my good side and we go with it.

I think everybody has their own interpretation and experience, but I think at the end of the day everybody walks out and they just feel really good about themselves, which I think we all want to feel everyday.

Adriene: Yeah, that’s big. Huge. But it’s funny. When I went to the photoshoot and they’ll say stand a certain way and do this and there’s all these lights and all these cameras and everything. I started to act the part! I want to be a model now!

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Episode 57: The Glama Project Special Edition