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CW 82: Jerald Cosey

Senior healthcare operational leader Jerald Cosey, HFA, addresses the daily roller coaster challenges care professionals experience. In this final episode, Jerald will help you discover three “emotional seatbelts” needed to maximize and experience the entire senior living career journey.

Welcome to Bridge the Gap Contributor Wednesday. I am Jerald Cosey, AKA J Cosey, your senior healthcare empowerment speaker. Thank you for joining us today. If this is your first time listening, Josh, Lucas, and the Bridge the Gap podcast team have put together a terrific lineup of contributors, creating content every week, every Wednesday, specifically designed to serve the senior living industry, speaking a language you understand. Every third Wednesday I am charged to honor and inspire from an operational leader perspective. I ask you to share, to like, and invite other senior healthcare professionals to the Bridge the Gap Nation. Let me start off by saying how much fun it’s been this year contributing to the Bridge the Gap Contributor Wednesday series. I can’t believe today marks the 12th episode of the year. This is my final episode as a contributor, so Bridge the Gap Nation, I want you to know how much I appreciate you sharing your life with me over the past 12 months.


Not only have you shared your life with me, but you’ve also shared a lot of experiences with me as a senior living professional. This year has been an emotional rollercoaster. It’s been nuts. Think about it, one situation after another, but we continue to advance and we continue to put forth our best effort. But this rollercoaster ride, we aren’t on it alone. The residents in which we serve, they’ve been right there by our side, locked in. We ascend up a big hill, and they’re right next to us as you can hear the click, click, click, as you reach the top of the rollercoaster. They’re looking out and looking down before that big drop, they’re with us through every loop, through every curve right there by our side. Now, although they’re by our side, I think their rollercoaster moves a little faster.


I think the GForce is two times that of the professional. And the reason why, our residents are revered elders. They are dependent upon us to contribute to their life within our communities. They know the challenges of the world. They know what we’re going through outside of the community. It’s not like our residents, our revered elders, are unable to watch the news, or read the paper. They clearly know what’s going on in the world. They clearly have been through a lot in their lifetime, but with that, they’re still living within a senior living space. So it’s my opinion, the GForce, or the acceleration, or the emotional feelings that one may have as you’re riding a roller coaster. That feeling is compounded because you are dependent upon others. I can’t thank our residents and our revered elders enough. 


Through the past two years, I mean, they’ve dealt with what we would call the brain scrape, as far as COVID testing, they’ve had their rooms change time and time again, they went through seasons where they didn’t have visitors or their family members, their spouses. And I tell you what, they continue, just like we do as senior living professionals, they continue to show up every day. They continue to do the best that they can each and every day. It’s been a pleasure having them on this rollercoaster with us. Can you imagine going through this past couple years by yourself? Can you imagine not having human beings that you can share the weight of the world with? Can you imagine not having residents to care for, people who can be so intentional in providing the support that you need, to be so intentional in lifting you up? We are truly a community of senior living professionals and residents aligned together, advancing senior living day in and day out.


The Bridge to Gap Nation is part of this huge community. As we finish up the 2021 year, I think it’s important to focus this episode on the value of being part of a community. A community of care professionals. Think about all of the ups and downs this rollercoaster has offered us as senior living professionals in the year of 2021. The year 2020 was a heck of a rollercoaster ride as well. This final episode is not about the continuous roller coaster we experience as human beings and as senior living professionals. The roller coaster ride will continue whether we are on board or not. This episode is my final opportunity to tell you, the senior living professional, how much this industry depends on you as a professional. You have become a roller coaster enthusiast over the past 24 months. You are seasoned,  you’re not easily intimidated by the appearance of a tough time with senior living professionals.


Do you realize the magnitude of what we have experienced and how we have developed over the past two years? Your stomach, it may still drop, but you have learned to overcome what may have once caused you discomfort. As long as you are quote-on-quote, strapped in, you can ride and navigate every loop, every twist, and every turn. Well today, I want to strap you in for the ride, if you will, with three emotional seat belts. Seat belts that I say with authority will allow you to navigate whatever comes your way. Seat belt number one: knowing that you have chosen an honorable career. There is nothing more honorable than placing the needs of someone else before your very own. On a regular basis you make decisions that not only impact you, and could possibly impact your family at home, and you make them at the servant’s heart because you know that it will advance senior living forward. 


Your emotional seatbelt, number two: knowing that you deliver value. What you do each and every day, it matters. It matters. You cannot go through life alone, and as you get older or as physical challenges or mental challenges enter into one’s life, one depends on the service, the love, the caring of others. You bring value to human beings. You must never forget that. 


Emotion seatbelt. Number three: always remember, quality care begins with you, and it has the potential to impact and change lives. You can never lose sight of that. When you grab an honorable career choice and you add to it delivering value on a regular basis, what you’ll find is that you become the representative of quote-on-quote, quality healthcare. The way you practice at the top of your license, the generous heart that you share each and every day, your willingness to go above and beyond for others, that is the face of quality care. And that face is yours, and you are delivering it day after day, time after time.


One of my greatest pleasures is speaking into the lives of senior healthcare professionals. This Bridge, the Gap podcast series is phenomenal. I’ll forever be a part of the Bridge the Gap Nation. I’ll look forward to Contributor Wednesday, I’m sure that Josh and Lucas and Sara have put together an outstanding lineup for contributors. Hey, I can’t get off of this podcast without a challenge. And my challenge to you is to identify the three seatbelts that we just discussed, and to make sure that you lock it in, deep into your soul, deep within the crevices of your mind, because tough times will come. And when they do come, I want you to always remember that your career choice is honorable, that you bring value each and every day, and that quality care always starts with you first. Thanks for listening to this week’s Bridge the Gap Contributor Wednesday. Please connect with me at

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CW 82: Jerald Cosey