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CW 61: Jerald Cosey

Operational Leader Jerald Cosey shares how “the big three” – fear, worry and doubt – require mental toughness and the importance of taking time to recommit to the original calling to serve others.

Welcome to Bridge The Gap Contributor Wednesday, I’m Jerald Cosey, AKA J Cosey your senior healthcare empowerment speaker. If this is your first time listening, Josh, Lucas, and the Bridge The Gap podcast team have put together a terrific lineup of contributors. Every Wednesday, creating content specifically developed for the senior living community and speaking a language you understand. Every third Wednesday, I am charged to honor and inspire from an operational leader’s perspective. As always, we ask you to share, like, and invite other senior healthcare professionals to join the Bridge The Gap nation. This week’s message is going to be rather brief, but I believe very powerful. At the time of this recording, we literally just celebrated July 4th, our country’s independence day. Is it me or did our celebration seem extra special this year? After such a crazy 2020 my appreciation this July 4th was at an extreme high. Both the ability to celebrate and the purpose of the celebration became very apparent. As an operational leader from the healthcare sector, three thoughts continued to resonate at the top of my mind. 


The first thought, recognize the significance of the COVID vaccination. About six months ago, a lot of people really feared getting vaccinated. For some, it was an opportunity of excitement. And for others, there was concern. We have come a long way since January. Now, I can’t judge the concern for, we all have but one body. But with that, as a servant of people, especially elders, I personally felt a desire to contribute further through personally getting vaccinated. As a leader, I wanted to set an example for the professionals with whom I worked. For my friends, for my family. This July 4th, I continue to reflect upon the gift of the vaccination and the physical engagement it offered us. For families to connect in our communities, for our elders to celebrate surrounded by those who love and adore them, for our professionals to have the opportunity to spend time in close proximity to friends and family. Renewal is in the air.


And for that, I am very happy. Whatever your opinion on the vaccine, I’m sure we all would agree it has liberated our personal space and given us the opportunity to enjoy physical engagement with others. Both personally and professionally, I am thankful for the restoration the vaccine has provided our families, our residents, and their families. My second thought over this July 4th weekend, focused on the liberation of our minds. The year 2020 and 2021 have both been one huge emotional roller coaster. Fear, worry, doubt, the big three, have all tried to destroy us in one way or another. Not going to church on y’all today, but I feel Satan uses the big three fear, worry, and doubt to destroy us internally. Think about it. Using me against me. Using you against you. What concerns have been on your mind lately? Do you fear the uncontrollable?


Do you find the sense of worry trying to consume you? Do you doubt yourself or doubt your abilities? If so, that’s okay. But this year in honor of our country’s independence, let’s declare mental liberation by breaking the chains of fear, worry, and doubt. We care for people and that comes with a great deal of responsibility. But guess what? Our mental toughness is our biggest asset, right? See when you’re in healthcare, bad things can happen. But the question is what do we do when they happen? And in order to make sound decisions, we must always be on the guard of the big three by liberating our mind and staying focused on what we are here to do. My third and final reflection this July 4th weekend is taking time to recommit to the original calling to serve others. I think about all the sacrifices Americans have made for our freedom over the years, I think about the sacrifices of our ancestors and their contribution to our freedom.


When you decided to serve others professionally, you accepted and recognize the sacrifice needed in order to serve others. There is nothing more honorable than placing the needs of someone else before your very own. Now I share with you, this week’s message was going to be short, and I will ask you to share the next five minutes of your life with me by revisiting the message and thinking about our call to action. You know I’m going to give you a call to action. One, if you haven’t been vaccinated, will you prayerfully consider it again? Two, be on the lookout for fear, worry, and doubt. Just know it wants to destroy you. And we must refuse to let it consume us. Number three, take pride in your decision to place the needs of others before your very own. See what you do each and every day in the senior living space, regardless of your role and your responsibilities, it’s honorable work. And what you do every day, it matters. Thanks for listening to this week’s Bridge The Gap Contributor Wednesday. As always, I would love to hear from you. If so, please connect with me


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CW 61: Jerald Cosey