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Bonus Episode: Guest Hosts Featured

Jefferey Bucanin, Matt Reiners, Michael Moye, Damon Thomas and Aaron Fish take over the BTG podcast. Enjoy these live recordings from the VIP Ignite Experience: Dream Again 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Welcome to Bridge the Gap, the Senior Living podcast. You’re listening to a bonus episode recorded with attendees at the VIP Ignite Experience, Dream Again. To learn more about BTG events, shows and more, visit

Jefferey Bucanin & Matt Reiners 00:14

We’re coming in live from Bridge the Gap, VIP Ignite Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 2022. I’m here with my friend Jeffrey Bucanin. That’s a tough one. Yeah, a tough one. Ooh, I like it, that’s a cool name. It’s very exotic. It’s almost like bacon. Yeah, I’m a big fan. There you go. So I’m gonna guess you’re an architect. I  am an architect. I’m from HPI Architecture located in Southern California and we specialize in assisted living, memory care communities, ground up facilities. Yeah, it’s a great elevator pitch. I love that. It sure is right there. 10 seconds. Boom. Where’s home for you? Home is here in Nashville, actually. Amazing. It’s fantastic. Yeah. So what’s your go-to spot that you don’t tell other people visiting? Ooh, I don’t want word to get out to people that are locals here, you know, but I understand honestly. Let’s see, if I had to do it there’s a few spots on Old Hickory Lake that I really enjoy. It’s off the beaten path, but great views of the water and fantastic food and fantastic drinks. Gotta go out that way. I love it. And one of my favorite questions, if you could have a billboard anywhere to say anything, what would you want to say? Let’s see. How about just be cool to your neighbors, man. Be cool. I love that. I’m would be kind. So I am one of the a Bridge the Gap Ambassadors and just really excited about the movement and senior living that is you know, I think we’re kind of coming across a passing of the old guard and in terms of, you know, some of the people that have been running these companies for a really long time. And there’s this more vibrant, very true, vivacious group of people coming in that are, you know, we dream big. That’s right. You know, little conference innuendo there. And yeah, just excited to continue to try and push the industry forward, connect with like minded, individual individuals and just be kind to other people. Yeah. I love it. I love it. I’ve noticed the same thing. The industry is definitely changing. It’s like you said, I like the word vibrant. It is good cuz it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve been attending these for quite a while and it’s very exciting to see where things are going and I think the energy that people are bringing to the industry is also contributing really big. Yeah, I would, I would agree. And I think if there’s one thing that we can do is just try to get the messaging of senior living out there to the general public. I think a lot of people think of the old nursing home when it’s just so much beyond that. It is. And there’s so much, I love it cuz I’m from a business side, right? You can do anything and everything in this industry and have like some purpose and some soul behind it. I just like to hear myself talk. It sounds pretty good in this microphone, but I do agree with you. I think as a design professional, I’m always trying to push that envelope to better communities that have improved the lives of the seniors and even the staff everybody that come and the visitors that come to visit the residents. I think design is one of those ways to better people’s lives. And that’s, that’s what gets me up in the morning and that’s why I’m here at this event, here to connect with other people, like-minded people. I love it. Yeah.

Damon Thomas (Seaside Senior Specialists) & Aaron Fish (Trust Hospitality Concepts) 3:23

All right, Damon, tell me about your consulting business. Well, thank you Aaron. I run Seaside Senior Specialist down in South Florida, and I’ve been in the business for about 30 years now and I want to give back. And so now’s my time. I made a lot of good decisions in my career, made a lot of bad decisions in my career  and I want to give back. Yeah. So I want to ask the same question as you. Yeah. So Trustful Hospitality Concepts is food and hospitality consulting for senior living. So, you know, we’re in a business of people serving people and there’s nothing more important than how hospitality and food takes care of our seniors. So I’ve been doing that for the last 20 years in senior living and it felt like the time to not just do it for two or 3,000 residents, let’s do it for 25 or 35 thousands residents. I love that. Let’s make a difference. So tell everyone I already know we’ve had this conversation. Yes. But tell me how long have you been in the gig, when did you decide to take the big leap? So we started January of 22. You’re doing a fabulous job. I love the fact, that early Impact you’re making, your reaching out to a lot of people. So great job. Good start and I love it. Thank you. Keep up what you’re doing, man. Appreciate it. I wanna thank Josh and Lucas, everything they did at Bridge the Gap, man, this is the best conference in probably a very, very long time. Yeah, very, very good conference. And we’re only halfway through, looking forward to tonight, tonight and tomorrow, so it’s gonna be fun. Absolutely. Thanks for having us. Thank you. Take care.


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Matt Reiners & Michael Moye 5:23

Welcome back. This is Matt Reiners, one of the co-founders of Ever Sound, a company dedicated to improving quality of life for older adults by giving them the gift of sound. I’m here with my friend. Yeah. Michael Moy host of the 100 Club podcast where we’re doing sales and marketing and we’re doing it better. Matt, you know, this has been a long time coming, right? I mean, we’ve been kind of plotting this for a long time, haven’t we? When we talk about dreams, you know, I’m always just reflective of this being a dream where, you know, we come on and we talk to each other and just ask questions. So Michael, you know, thinking about this conference, what’s your dream? You know, that’s a good question. I’ve been dreaming a ton and I’ve been asking a lot of other people what their dreams are and I’m just kinda curious from a person that started their own company. What’s that been like? Yeah, I mean, when I think about that side of thing and dreaming, you know, not to get all metaphysical on you, but like, I just don’t want it to be a nightmare when I talk to people. Like, while nightmares, ventriloquist dummies for me, like my biggest fear. Like what’s your biggest fear? Yeah, my biggest fear is not having the appropriate questions to ask my, you know, podcast guests. And that’s what kind of keeps me up at night. And I’m kind of curious on what is keeping you up at night? Like, you know, when you’ve started this podcast, is this what you expected it to be? Yeah, I mean, I think all of my two listeners are just really proud of the content we’ve been putting out being my mom and my dad and the guy who edits it. So maybe we’re up to three now. Yeah. So you know, just doing big things there. What’s your go-to outfit, like your outfit? Yeah, my go-to is these Air Forces. I love them. Okay. You know, the Carhartt Air Forces also, I have a wardrobe that consists of about three outfits. And so if you’ve seen me on the conference circuit, you can pretty much guarantee like, what’s Michael gonna be wearing? It’s gonna be this green shirt, these blue jeans and my Carhartt. And honestly, I’ve been loving this vibe of this conference because it doesn’t, you don’t feel like you have to have a stick up your butt. Sorry, that, but it’s more informal and so we can do crazy stuff like this. And so like, what’s been the most fun thing about, you know, Bridge the Gap, Dream Again, Ignite Experience for you? I’d say the coolest thing about it is just connecting with other like-minded people. I think there is a really interesting opportunity on the rise here, especially in this space where, you know, I think a lot of people are being introduced to it that necessarily didn’t know, seemed living before. I know myself, I didn’t, and I think you have a similar situation, but there’s like a new energy, vivacious, you know, yeah, don’t ask me to spell it, but yeah, it just seems like there’s a movement in here to kind of continue to do that. And I think there’s a huge opportunity for us to continue to spread the voice and the messages and the stories from senior living to help change the narrative on aging balance. Is there anything you’ve learned in your time to like be more present with your family? Yeah, so that’s work. Being in sales, it is very hard to turn on, cause you like, think about it like it’s 24/7, you’re always just trying to like, check your phone, see if there’s new emails or whatever. But honestly, people can wait. Yeah. People, yeah, people can wait. So, I mean, at the end of the day, your family is the most important thing that you could ever like, possibly think about, you know? So for me it’s, it’s Jesus, my family, my work and everything hopefully just runs through that line of order. But yeah, it’s tough but it’s definitely achievable. Especially cuz I wrote this down earlier. Just put down my phone, man. Yeah, just put down my phone. Well this has been a great episode of the 100 Club podcast. I’m Michael. This has been a great episode of the All Ears Podcast with Matthew. And thanks so much for our guests for coming on today.


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Bonus Episode: Guest Hosts Featured