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202: Season 5 Launch

Cheers to the new year! What better way to kick off Season 5 than with Bridge the Gap hosts Josh Crisp and Lucas McCurdy taking us on a recap an incredible journey to the 5th year of the podcast.

Lucas: Welcome to Bridge the Gap Podcast. The senior living podcast with Josh and Lucas, Season 5 on the BTG Network, a whole new season, ready to roll out, and we could not be more excited and grateful for all of our listeners. You know, Josh, we have a bunch of loyal listeners that have been with us since Season 1. And when we’ve got a lot of new listeners, as people have seen us on LinkedIn and on social media, and as they’ve searched Google for senior living podcasts, looking for resources, they have run across Bridge the Gap and tuned in, and we are so grateful. We’re glad that you’re listening wherever you are right now. If you’re exercising, traveling, maybe you’re walking the dog or just taking a little bit of a break and getting some content from us. We want to tell you from the bottom of our hearts, we’re very glad that you’re here. And so glad that you’re listening in to Bridge a Gap.

Josh: Yeah, Lucas, I mean, it’s actually really humbling. And it’s kind of shocking to think a, of how many years this has been going on the time has flown. It’s become more than what we ever envisioned in the beginning. And it’s always been so much bigger than us, but season five, season six, I mean, it’s gonna be amazing. I can’t wait for our listeners to hear some of the things that are happening and going to be happening in this exciting new 2022 year we’re entering into. Have to stick around to the end, because we’re gonna save some of the big announcements to the very end of this episode. So we always love to give that teaser, but the Bridge the Gap Podcast, that me and you bootstrapped in the beginning, we started just had a passion. It’s fun to see not only Bridge the Gap grow Lucas, but when we started there wasn’t any other senior living podcast. And now what’s so exciting is what we hoped would happen. Now, tons of people, more and more people are creating content and sharing their content and sharing their stories on the podcast platform. And that’s really exciting because that helps us all be better. It helps more people that don’t know about our industry want to join us. And we think that helps to change the public perception and bring people in to the awesome industry we call senior living.

3:14 Lucas: And, you know, we need a lot of people to kind of come along and help us. And one thing that BTG launched last year that was a big success was our ambassador program. And so the ambassador program is basically a way for our listeners and supporters to come alongside Bridge the Gap and basically wave the flag, wave the BTG flag, help us get the word out, help us connect to new people in new ways of content. And so we had a very successful first year and we’re very excited to announce the 2022 Ambassadors, which will be coming out very, very soon. Be on the lookout for those senior living rock stars at on our ambassador page. And if you wanna be an ambassador at Bridge the Gap, you can fill out a form on our website. And we would love to discuss that with you, come on and come join us.

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Josh: Absolutely. And I know right now for those that are listening, maybe driving to work, maybe as used said walking the dog, we get so many messages of people telling us where they listen to us, which is always fun. But I will tell you, some people are probably right now thinking, oh my gosh, how did I not know about this? How did I miss this? It’s okay. The FOMO is real. We get it. But if you go to, that section is up there. So you can go ahead; we will be launching again in the new year, an opportunity before the end of the year for you to join the team, for you to become an ambassador. But one of the best ways that you can keep up with all the latest announcements is to subscribe to our newsletter.
You’re gonna be seeing more content coming through email and through different campaigns this year, sign up for what you want to be part of. And when we drop, you’re gonna hear that information first before anybody else, and you won’t miss a thing.

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5:25 Lucas: In addition to our newsletter that’s gonna be going out and sending out that bunch of information for people to follow. We are very excited to announce a new digital magazine, the BTG Magazine. It’s going to spotlight some of the most unloaded impactful episodes of 2021. We’re gonna have some ambassador spotlights, and we’re gonna talk about our VIP Ignite Experience. You know, Josh, we had so many great shows in our fourth season and a couple of them are gonna be highlighted in the new digital magazine. We’;; never forget Mary Daniel and her story about her husband. You know, Mary’s from Florida. She did attend our VIP Ignite Experience. Her story has gained worldwide exposure. And she was on our podcast and it’s just one of the most important stories of the pandemic in our industry.

NEW BTG Magazine is available for a free read.

Josh: It really was very memorable for me. And one of the things that I love about what we’re continuing to do on the bridge, the gap network is she air content on a variety of different forms. And really no matter how you want to receive content, you can do that. The magazine that you mentioned, Lucas, is amazing. Some people like a very visual display that they can take and they can reference when they want to. Limited product of these. If you want an actual hard copy, we’re gonna be doing a few of those, but you need to go back and listen to that episode. And many of the others on the network, we’re gonna highlight a few of those in the magazine. And then also, if you’ve not seen the show on YouTube with Mary Daniel, if you’ve not heard it on the podcast, you can actually click on the link and you will actually be able to read the story, see a lot of the great pictures of her in action. What just an incredible story of love and commitment to her husband and what a great story she had to share with us.

Lucas: Absolutely. Another great highlight from this year was Peggy Grande. She is the Executive Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. What a very cool story that is and I love seeing her out on the news networks, talking about her book, talking about current events in the political world and cultural issues, what a fascinating person.

8:00 Josh: Absolutely. Well, one of the cool things that I hear feedback on from our listeners and a question, I get asked a lot by people that are being exposed newly to our podcast, and they want to know more about it. They say what exactly do you talk about? We talk about just about every kind of thought leadership on our show, the Josh and Lucas Monday show that you can imagine. And we have a host of different guests, folks like Steven Flynt of Solstice Senior living, even some of the great committed partners to our industry, like Dan Lawson of Viking Pure. We’ve highlighted those in the magazine. You can go back with links from that magazine and listen to these episodes that you might have missed, but it’s awesome that we bring together so many thought leaders from so many different areas of senior living, just about anything you want, any kind of content you can find.

Lucas: The magazine will also have Ambassador spotlights with great ambassadors from last year: Matt Reiners, Chris Hoard, Michelle Clark and Micah Hunt. These are some of the best BTG Ambassadors that we have. They’ve become great friends. We really appreciate them. And they were actually on the BTG network last year, telling their stories and the passion behind what drives them. And if you wanna go back and listen to those, it’s a great way to catch up with some ambassadors and hear their stories. You know, Josh part of our network is highlighting these stories, these love stories and the passion behind the people that are in this business. And that content is evergreen. It doesn’t go out of date. It’s not out of style. And so there’s a whole library of content that people can go back and listen to and get that story and that information that is going to encourage them and inform them.

Josh: You’re exactly right. And speaking of really thinking about the awesome things that have happened this year and pushing into next year, VIP Ignite Experience. After five years, it’s hard to believe that we went from a podcast to a network to now a media company that produces great in-person experiences and what experience it was in Music City, Nashville to have people like Scott Hamilton keynote. To have singer songwriters, friends of ours, like our good friend, Jay Allen, Cary Barlowe, and friends, Lucas. It was a highlight of my year, not just the podcast.

Lucas: I mean the memories from that were incredible. And we are gonna feature and highlight all of that in the new digital magazine. Josh, so excited to release this. This is a big project from BTG and we know that the senior living industry is going love looking through this digital magazine here on the BTG network. Sign up for the release, make sure you’re in our database and getting our newsletter so that you can have access to that great new magazine that’s launching. And you can go to our website right now and look at the year in review. That was our very first release. And you’re gonna want to check that out right now. You know, Josh, in addition to the magazine, we are adding new shows on the BTG network and a couple of them are Raising Tech and it’s gonna be tech trends and solutions. It’s brought to you by Parasol Alliance. That was a launch for last season. And so there’s a whole library of shows that you can go back to and just search for Raising Tech and listen to those.
We all also had a great partnership with Activities Strong, an initiative led by Linked Senior monthly conversations around wellness, programming, and purpose for seniors. That’s been a fantastic partnership with them and not to mention our Contributor Wednesday. Josh, we got a whole new lineup of great rockstar contributors coming to the BTG Network.

Tune in to Raising Tech podcast powered by Parasol Alliance and Activities Strong podcast powered by Linked Senior.

Josh: Any content you want to find, you can find it on the Bridge the Gap network. A lot of people don’t know that and there’s way more content, way more shows out there than just the Josh and Lucas show. You can go back if you want to know more about the Contributors and listen to Episode 84, and that will tell you and we break down a lot of those different guest contributors that will be providing awesome content on deep dive topics that I know you’re gonna want to hear. So Lucas, can we tell ’em what’s coming next? This is a big exciting year to where we’re expanding our offerings again.

Lucas: That’s right. That’s right. And a lot of this that we’ve already highlight is what’s coming next. We’re gonna have new shows coming out and that’s still yet to be launched, but be looking for new shows, new content to educate and inform you and influence you. Our digital publication is gonna be awesome. And if you are a brand out there that presents or provides a product or service to the senior housing industry, the new digital magazine is a great way to spotlight and highlight your brand. Shoot us a message on And we’ll get with you on our menu of options there. We also are gonna be launching a brand new website and new ways to get in contact with Josh and Lucas and the whole BTG team. Very excited about that, a bunch of new things. And you know what we want to hear from you, how has Bridge the Gap impacted you? Have you learned new things? Are you new to the industry? And have you used the Bridge the Gap network to help you get on the fast track to knowing about the senior living industry? It’s all about the guests on our Monday show. We want new guests, we want new topics, what’s most important to you, right?

13:57 Josh: Absolutely. And I get asked all the time, how do we get our ideas? How do we get on the show? And I’ll tell you, it’s pretty easy go to the contact us. There’s a little dropdown menu and what we really wanna hear there is not necessarily all about your product or service because let’s face it. There is tons of products and services that are awesome. We will talk about those. And we talk about those on different shows. But what we really want to know is what is the topic that we want to discuss and what do you want to add value to in that discussion? So make sure you make that information very clear in that contact us. Our team that is actually a lot bigger than me and Lucas get together very frequently. And we go over all these requests and we try to pick the things that we think will add the most value back to the industry. So we want to hear from you, as Lucas said, and we love your ideas.

Lucas: You know what Josh, we have been humbled beyond belief about the types of reviews that we have gotten on iTunes and other podcast platforms. And we really don’t ask people to do that. I don’t even remember the last time that we’ve asked people to go and review. So this is really more of a thank you to the dozens and of people that have taken the time to go on to iTunes and give us an honest review. And fortunately for us, which is great and validating and, and very encouraging is that they are all positive, all positive reviews, all five stars. And we really appreciate that. Thank you for taking time to do that. If you enjoy BTG, if you enjoy Bridge the Gap and the content that we bring when you like and subscribe and then also rate us on iTunes and other platforms. What that does is it helps get the BTG message out to even more people. You know, Josh, we’ve been contacted by multiple university programs that have said, hey, our class curriculum and our students are listening to your show. And a part of that is because of you, the listeners liking and commenting and rating us. And it gets out to even more people. And these messages from our thought leaders in this industry is being, you know, it’s just going out, which is our big goal.

Josh: I think sometimes Lucas, after five years of having some of the best of the best, not some of the best of the best thought leaders in the industry and even outside the industry that are bringing their ideas into our industry, we get to talk to these people every single Monday. And I think sometimes me and you even take that for granted that we are getting world class education. Many of these people are lectures leaders of massive world influence organizations that are normally paid a lot of money to do keynotes and educational, and they are actually providing this on the Bridge the Gap network free and accessible to help raise the bar and help all of our IQ.

17:33 Lucas: Big drum roll to our final topic on our season opener show: VIP Ignite Experience 2022. This is going to be the event in the senior living industry for 2022 and we want everybody to know that the we’re gonna be releasing the, save the date, guess what? Mark it down August 29th and 30th in Nashville, Tennessee. Put it down on your calendars and make sure you go to, sign up to get the most up to date information so that you know the details around the event, the location of the event, details on the experience, the keynote speakers, the entertainment, and most of all, get your name on the invite list so that you can grab a ticket because this will be a very limited offering and it will sell out.

Josh: Absolutely sold out last year. Amazing that this is already getting a lot of requests. Even before today’s episode of dropping the dates we’ve been getting in requests for people requesting an invite to this over the last several months, since we finished our first experience. So very limited space on this, you’re going to want to be part of it. Don’t miss a thing, go to You want to request, as Lucas said, that invitation and what we are doing is our committee is trying to get as many people as we can into this event, but our hotel and our accommodations is very limited. We want to keep this intimate. We want to make sure we have the people there that are gonna be able to build trust, ignite change together, continue to carry the torch for our industry. Very, very exciting. Me and Lucas are going to be preparing you for what you’re going to experience. This is like nothing else. If you’ve never been to one of these, we’re going to give you something new, something different, and you need to be prepared for it going into it. So make sure you subscribe and you’ll be hit with our text messages, if you want that format with our email messages to prepare you for this exciting event.

Lucas: Highly customized event, tailored to our industry and tailored to our leaders in this industry. And we are setting up an environment for people to come together and make experiences that create relationships that last forever. This is gonna be an unforgettable event in 2022. August 29th and 30th in Nashville, mark your calendars and get on that list so that you can be a part of our VIP event. We wanna see you there, Josh incredible progress and journey for Bridge the Gap and God willing, we have so much more to accomplish very excited about our new offerings for this year. Many more sponsorship opportunities. If you wanna be a part of Bridge the Gap, if you wanna be a part of supporting great educational content that is going out to this industry, contact us at our website. We’d love to set up a meeting with you and talk to you about how we can promote your brand alongside this great educational content. And then to our listeners, we just wanna thank you for listening in, being with us, helping support us, following us. We love hearing from you on our social media sites, especially LinkedIn. We see a lot of you there. We appreciate that so much.

Josh: And we want to leave you with encouragement to be the bridge. We’ve been saying that since season one, that’s why we developed the name, Bridge the Gap. We hope that this network helps you do that wherever you are, whether that’s in a community, whether that’s you are a frontline worker, whether you’re a regional, whether you’re a C-suite, be the bridge. You are in a unique place, prepared at a unique time to use these experiences that you’ve had. Some of those are great experiences. Some of those are not so good experiences. Some of them are just ugly experiences that we wished we weren’t living through sometimes, but they have uniquely prepared you for right where you are today. So be the bridge in 2022, that’s our goal for you.

Lucas: And a huge thanks to all of the people that are a part of the Bridge the Gap team, especially Solinity Marketing. They help us produce this every single week for over four years. We have never missed a production week and we have constantly been committed to bringing you this content on a weekly basis over and over and over again. So we have a huge team of people that help us do this. And we are very, very grateful. Make sure you go to, connect with us. We want to hear from you and thanks to everybody for listening to another great episode to the start of a new season here on Bridge the Gap.

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202: Season 5 Launch